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Since 2003 DAO BE is supporting your engineering needs .

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On-site consulting

Our on-site consultants will support you whenever you are experiencing work overloads.

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Our engineering department specializes in design and manufacturing of tooling and custom machines.

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Our consultants will work with you regarding the construction of existing buildings (or structures).

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Latest projects

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DAO is also known for:

3D Cube virtual reality

The aim of BAO the Virtual Box Tools is to develop the use of virtual reality tools by professionals.

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Export consulting

DAO can help you with your international business development.
We can accelerate your performance in growing international markets.

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photo/video realistic rendering

With our animation/photorealistic rendering software we can create amazing images from 3D models.

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Sadahé Group

Since June 2016 the SADAHE group is composed by 9 entities:

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