Building Division - BIM


The DAO Group is committed to the deployment of BIM and 3D digitisation in order to offer you services adapted to the new and evolving market.

The building division carries out on-site surveys for facades, sections and plan views.

These readings are then put into plans using various software programs.

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The 2D

We carry out for you :

⇢ On-site surveys: structural, interior, exterior, specific equipment
(sanitary, electrical, networks, furniture...)
⇢ Drawing / updating
⇢ Facade plan
⇢ Sectional plan
⇢ Digitization of paper plans

Our Software

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The 3D

We carry out for you :

⇢ Modelling and digitisation of plans on Revit
⇢ BIM modeling
⇢ Creation of synthesis drawings
⇢ Creation of a library on Revit

Our Software

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Contracted or outsourced service provision

We provide our clients with our construction experts in case of overload of work to compensate
for a lack of resources and to assist you in carrying out your studies.
The services we offer include all the skills described above.

Our Projects