Performance of Mechanical Services


Our delegated draughtsmen will support you in case of overload or lack of resources.

Depending on their profiles and experience, they will take charge of part of your projects according to your organisation.

Our objective is to offer you the most suitable profiles to meet your needs and your working methods in the desired reactivity.

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On your premises - In-house

-Our staff will come to you with their equipment and software to carry out your projects (equipment studies, production lines, product developments, layout plans, etc.).

-Thanks to the ease of communication and the adaptability of our draughtsmen, you can be sure of optimising the service.

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On our premises - Outsourcing

-For your projects that meet precise specifications and involve a small number of people, we carry them out internally with the implementation of regular project reviews.

-This way of working allows you to have experts available to handle your projects in accordance with your ideas.

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