On-site consulting

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On-site Consulting

Our on-site consultants will support you whenever you are experiencing work overloads.

Our customer diversity and our multi-skill engineers can respond to both complex and simple problems.

According to their profiles and experiences they will partially or totally support your projects, depending on your work organization.

Our goal is to offer adapted profiles to meet your needs using your methods within your timeframe.

We provide flexible resources when you need them.

On-site consulting

  • Our consultants work in your offices with their computers and software to carry out your projects (equipment design, production lines design, product development, etc …)
  • Thanks to a day to day communication and our consultants’ adaptation skills we allow for greater profitability

In our offices

  • Projects with accurate specifications involving only a few people within your company can be handled in our offices
  • Regular projects reviews with you will ensure a good completion of the project
  • This allows you to have experts available whenever you need


DAO-BE has a skilled and diverse team of engineers and technicians ranging from 1 to 30 years of experience in construction and industrial engineering.

We master the following CAD / CAM software:

Project management

Thanks to our customers diversity and our multi-skills employees we are able to help you with:

  • Work Overloads
  • Inability to recruit
  • Specific projects

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