Our Group

The DAO Group

Created in 2003, the DAO Group has developed its know-how around several activities to become an undisputed local partner for a varied clientele.

Its field of action includes the provision of services in design offices and mechanical engineering, building, training, export consulting and virtual reality.

The DAO Group has 10 locations (in France and North America) and a local network of around 100 employees.

We help our clients to achieve their objectives by offering them our services for the design of products and systems according to their criteria: functionality, lead time, cost, manufacturing, safety and durability.

From Design to Realisation

With a wide range of experience, our teams of draughtsmen and women offer you their know-how and skills from the design to the implementation of your projects.

Strong Values

Our challenge is to put people back at the heart of the company by prioritising human collaboration over performance at all costs.