Our Innovations

What is BIM? DAO tells you everything!

What is BIM anyway?

First of all, BIM stands for Building Information Modeling.

BIM is above all a working method and a 3D parametric digital model containing intelligent and structured data.

BIM is used throughout the design, construction and use of a building.

The structured digital mock-up enables collaboration between all the parties involved in a project, either by exchanging data or by allowing intervention on a single model.

Virtual Reality will change the way you see things!

Virtual Reality is a technology that allows a person to be immersed in a digitally created artificial world.

It can be a reproduction of the real world or a completely imaginary universe. The experience is visual, auditory and, in some cases, when the person is equipped with the appropriate interfaces, such as gloves or clothing, he or she can experience certain sensations related to touch or certain actions (blow, impact, etc.).

As a provider of global solutions, the DAO Group has joined forces with two innovative companies in the field of Virtual Reality: BAO Virtuelle and Imagin-VR. Combining performance, efficiency and competitiveness, our VR solutions are adapted to your specific needs in a quick and easy-to-use process.

We support you in the choice of services and tools at a price consistent with the budget of the projects in which they can intervene and bring added value.

The 3 i's of VR


Imagin-Box : The VR suitcase

The "Box" is an integrated solution in a transportable VR case with a removable handle and adapted wheels to facilitate your movements.
Bring your 3D glasses, your controller and watch your industrial, building or landscaping project in real size.

Visualisation with several people, ideal for project reviews.


The "Cube" is an immersive and interactive Cave® type Virtual Reality device with up to 5 projection sides.
Imagine entering a room with your employees and clients where the floor and walls are projection screens to immerse yourself in your life-size 3D plans.

In the same way as the "Box" solution, the Cube offers a collaborative approach in full-scale visualisation and in an interactive way (free movement and interaction with the elements).
Possibility to manage the confidentiality of the confidentiality of the projected data (in a living room for example).