Sadahé Group

Since June 2016 the SADAHE group is composed by 9 entities:

  • DAO BE (Angers)
  • DAO BE Haute Normandie (Rouen)
  • DAO BE Rennes-Laval (La Gravelle)
  • DAO BE Vendée Atlantique (La Roche/Yon)
  • DAO BE Maine (Le Mans)
  • DAO BE Consulting (New-York, USA)
  • DAO BE Consultant (Montréal, Canada)
  • Mulann (Lannion)
  • BAO Virtuel (Angers)

This creation is  the result of strong partnerships between DAO BE’s companies. The group displays six areas of expertise:

  • On-site consulting regarding mechanical and civil engineering 
  • Surveys and building plans digitilization
  • Export consulting for the USA
  • Design and lanufacturing of  mechanical and automated systems
  • Testing machines for smart or contactless cards
  • Virtual reality experience with the 3D cube

This new organization allow a wide range of skills and expertise to be offered to our clients.

SADAHE represents a workforce of  70 employees and a total turnover of over 3 million. Spread over 7 sites worldwide, its ambition is to offer its know-how in France and the United States.