The company

Since 2003 DAO BE  is supporting  your engineering needs .

We can support your engineering department on-site and we can design, manufacture and install any kind of custom  equipment or machines.

We bring flexibility and ressources in your company to fit your leadtime and costs.

90% of our consultants are working on our clients’ sites in order to provide tailored solutions in term of project management, mechanical design and manufacturing of finished goods.

With a people oriented strategy based on youth profetionnal potentials, DAO BE has grown steadily and now count 70 employees. With 7 sites in France, DAO covers most of the Northwest: Avrillé (2003), Rouen (created in 2011), Châteaubourg (created in 2013), La Roche sur Yon (created in 2015) or Le Mans (created in 2016).

Openings of multiple locations in the USA and Canada reflects DAO-BE’s wish to combine an internal organic growth with an external expansion in order to provide win-win service to all our actual and future clients.


DAO : Ideas transformer, Success  creators !